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At Cue and Review – “Print Speaking to the Blind”, we transcribe print magazines and newspapers into audio format for the benefit of the visually and reading impaired. This can be accessed and downloaded online daily, free of charge.


Our project is heavily reliant on volunteers with the support of a team of part time staff (mainly on six month job initiatives funded by the Scottish Government and European streams)

About Cue and Review Recording Service

Peter Mcgachy and his team shot this film in 2015, we are very grateful for their support and would encourage you to contact him if you are in need of a video.  Here is why he did it.


"Cue and Review is an organisation that I have known of for many years. However, I am not sure that enough people are aware of the work that they do and opportunities they provide. I decided to ask if I would be able to film for a few days at the Bishopbriggs Media centre to capture day to day life at Cue and Review and gain an in depth look at how they work. I felt it was important because they provide a great service to blind people throughout Scotland and the UK and I felt that it should be documented to help raise the profile of the organisation. They were extremely obliging, welcoming and gave me their time and patience.


I hope that this documentary helps gain people's awareness of the great work being done by Cue and Review and can inspire people to volunteer and help in any way they can."







What do we hope to achieve in the near future?

  • A daily talking newspaper service (with approximately 30,000 articles per year being listened to by blind people) needs dedicated studios and with an investment of tens of thousands of pounds of recording equipment we don’t want to have to rent the space. 

  • That is why with the support of our volunteers, the tenants to Bishopbriggs Media Centre and the general public who trade with tenants we have been able to raise 43% of the funding that we need to buy the building from Deanwood Ltd.

  • By owning the building outright we would hope that the total rental income from the 19 units could be used to ensure

    • the continuation and expansion of our internet based talking newspaper service,

    • our recruitment of older volunteers with life experiences that can be passed onto the young people we employ on short term contracts

    • that people with disabilities could be offered at least a year of work utilising current government programmes and self generated funding.

  • Most of the tenants in the building are local people operating small businesses, social enterprises or charities that are there to employ local people and provide a service to our community.

    • Without our community hub being based so close to the town centre many of the businesses would find it difficult to survive.




Our Objectives can be found here.


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Gordon Stevenson Honorary President, Mark Hutton Chairman, Jim Campbell, Amy Ogungbemi, Ronnie Whiteside, Konrad Stroak 
Alastair C. McPhee (Managing Editor), Morag Mackay (Operations Director)

Cue & Review Recording Service Limited is a company limited by guarantee without share capital.

Scottish Charity No: SC018016  Company No: 129748. 

Registered Office: 18 Crowhill Road, Bishopbriggs, Glasgow G64 1QY.

Cue and Review Recording Service’s subsidiary Deanwood Ltd is the sole owner of the Bishopbriggs Media Centre profits are covenanted back to the charity

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