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Our Objectives

Our Objective as Stated in our Articles are :


The objects for which the Company is established are:-


  1. To take over 'the whole of the property and functions of the unincorporated association known as the Cue and ReviewTalking Magazine Association of Bishopbrggs .

  2. To purchase, take on lease or otherwise acquire and lands, housing accomodation, buildings and other real and personal property and any rights or privileges necessary or convenient for the purpose of the Company;

  3. To invest the funds of the Company, not immediately required, in the purchase of such investments' or in loans upon such securities as trustees may from time to time by authorised

  4. To purchase or take in accordance with the law of Scotland but not otherwise; To borrow .to secure may think or raise money for the purposes of the payment thereof in such manner fit; the Company and as the Directors

  5. To pay all or any expenses incurred in connection with the formation, promotion and incorporation of the Society or to contract with any person, company, association or other body whether• incorporated or not, to pay the same;

  6. To sell or otherwise dispose of any property or assets of the Company as may be deemed expedient with a view to the promotion of its objects.


The Needs We Fulfil :


There are over 1.7 million registered blind people in the UK. But many others who have some sight still have difficulty in reading, especially the small print that much information is presented in. We fulfil the following needs:


  • Provision of work experience through Employment Service programmes since 1985 and also through the School Work Experience programme.  Over 1000 long-term unemployed, able bodied and disabled people have benefited from this.

  • Preparation and transcription of commercial and government literature in audio formats.

  • There were 428 blind and partially sighted people registered in East Dunbartonshire in 2010 and 34,492 registered in Scotland.

  • The RNIB advises that there are a great many more people who are not registered and put the number closer to 188,000 people in Scotland and 1.7 million in the United Kingdom.


Our Mission :


  • In all our actions we recognise that without listeners to our magazines and newspapers we, as Scottish charity, cannot function.

  • We work to ensure that volunteers, trainees and paid members of staff are treated with equal and reciprocated respect and understanding.

  • We work to ensure the maximum return for all the resources invested in the organisation.


Who Runs Cue and Review Recording Service? :


  • The activities of the organisation are driven by the needs and interests of the listeners and those who provide the service - the volunteers.

  • Registered Voting Membership is open to anyone on payment of a one-off fee of £10 (£5 for those not in employment).

  • The Advisory Council are volunteers who can assist the organisation in areas such as legal, fundraising and financial advice.

  • The Board is elected by the voting membership at the Annual General Meeting.


Our History :


In 1982 a group of students at Bishopbriggs High School saw that there was little material available in the "Talking Magazine" format that was of interest to younger visually-impaired people. Led by Alastair McPhee, and working out of a store cupboard at the school, this group started one general interest monthly magazine.


Following the launch of the magazine in "International Youth Year", funding from the Manpower Services Commission Community Programme enabled the same young people to provide employment for long-term unemployed people (able-bodied and physically impaired).


Cue and Review Recording Service was incorporated in February 1991 under its present name, as a company, limited by guarantee without share capital.


Our Staff :


  • The charity was founded by 6th year pupil of Bishopbriggs High School Alastair McPhee in 1982. Alastair remains the Managing Editor of the service (currently 24 hours per week) and Managing Director of the enterprise arm, Deanwood Ltd.

  • Morag Mackay joined the team in 1992 as a fundraiser, having previously been employed full time she is currently employed 2 days a week as the Operations Director.  She is an executive director of the enterprise arm.

  • Morag and Alastair are currently a job share position equating to 40 hours per week with their work for Deanwood Ltd in effect being a voluntary position.

  • Through funding from the Scottish Government we currently employ people on the Community Jobs Scotland scheme who tend to be employed for 25 hours per week,

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Gordon Stevenson Honorary President, Mark Hutton Chairman, Jim Campbell, Amy Ogungbemi, Ronnie Whiteside, Konrad Stroak 
Alastair C. McPhee (Managing Editor), Morag Mackay (Operations Director)

Cue & Review Recording Service Limited is a company limited by guarantee without share capital.

Scottish Charity No: SC018016  Company No: 129748. 

Registered Office: 18 Crowhill Road, Bishopbriggs, Glasgow G64 1QY.

Cue and Review Recording Service’s subsidiary Deanwood Ltd is the sole owner of the Bishopbriggs Media Centre profits are covenanted back to the charity

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