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Access to Audio Ambassador Team Leader

Post to commence 9th November 2020 currently to 31st March 2021
AAATL Detailed Role
We are currently working from home and as such this post will be adapted to take account of remote working.  Candidates should be able to use MS Teams for remote working and Zoom for volunteer sessions or Cue Talks interviews.

Key Duties:  
Training and supervision of the Volunteer Audio Ambassador team whose duties are to :

demonstrate how visually impaired people can access daily talking newspapers on their tablet, laptop or even on their phone. The role involves you contacting venues such as libraries health centres, hospitals and day care centres asking them to allow you to bring our display stand along and to talk to their clients. We are not just looking to speak to visually impaired people but also their sighted family and friends. We would look to recruit teams of two that would be able to act as ambassadors for the charity and be able to drive to each venue with the display materials. Team members need to have access to a laptop, tablet or mobile phone to enable the online audio player to be demonstrated.

1.    Liaison with Recruitment and Training officer on the recruitment of volunteer audio ambassadors.
2.    Record keeping, appraisal of audio ambassador team   
3.    In liaison  with recruitment and training officer supervising all aspects of administration for  the project 
4.    Signposting to other local organisations and opportunities according to personal development plans
5.    Peer mentoring cross-generational liaison
6.    Promote project targetted through social media local press and other voluntary organisations at visually impaired people
7.    Recruit volunteers 
8.    On recruitment, each volunteer should receive 
a.    basic induction
b.    basic training and baseline established 
c.    and a personal development plan completed
9.    Encourage recruits to understand the role of readers and technicians in the team.
10.    Review progress towards personal development plan measuring against the baseline, presentation and technical skills, listener feedback self-assessment of increasing confidence and feedback from other volunteers on their interaction with each other.
11.    Evaluation of individual and group progress.
12.    Assisting with the preparation of information for funding opportunities to ensure the future of the project.
Expected Duties
1.    Participation in visual impairment events
2.    Raising awareness of other services for the blind 
3.    Encourage awareness of other talking newspaper groups through talking newspaper conferences or visits to local TN’s

Person Specification


This post is currently only funded as a 16 hour per week post and is currently due to end at March 31st 2021. We will, therefore, need you to work with our fundraising team to secure additional funding for additional hours. You should also have access to a car have experience of working with volunteers and be able to demonstrate your ability to be a good public speaker.

How To Apply:

Please submit a C.V. with a covering letter detailing how you fit the post to Alastair McPhee our Managing Editor's email


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