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Buy a Brick Appeal

Some Great Fundraising Ideas


We have raised £311,271 over 15 years just for this appeal we would love to speed this process up with your support.


  • By owning the building outright we would hope that the total rental income from the 19 units could be used to ensure

    • the continuation and expansion of our internet-based talking newspaper service,

    • our recruitment of older volunteers with life experiences that can be passed onto the young people we employ on short term contracts

    • that people with disabilities could be offered at least a year of work utilising current government programmes and self-generated funding.


  • Most of the tenants in the building are local people operating small businesses, social enterprises or charities that are there to employ local people and provide a service to our community.

    • Without our community hub being based so close to the town centre many of the businesses would find it difficult to survive.

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