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Published on a Wednesday our volunteers aim to provide the Bishopbriggs / Kirkintilloch Herald Talking Newspaper the same day.

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Low-income Broadband Deals

If you are concerned that you can't access our online service as you are on a low income.  You might want to take a look at this January 2022 article on U Switch which suggests that there are reduced rates available for those on low incomes.

Daily Listening Options


There are various ways to listen to our service. The British Wireless for the Blind Fund has worked with the Talking Newspaper Federation to bring over 250 titles together through their


Our BWBF players are designed to be fully accessible to visually impaired people and mean that you can access the news the same day that our volunteer readers record them from their homes.

Weekly Compilations
Not interested in listening to the daily recordings provided by Cue and Review Print Speaking to the Blind?  If you only have time to listen to 90 minutes of news each week, why not sign up for one of the ways of accessing the service weekly

Daily Listening
Listen Weekly
Online Players


The following links will take you directly to the latest stream of the Bishopbriggs Kirkintilloch Herald title. You will find there is a picture link and a button link to make it easier for reader software.  If you then listen on a computer or on your mobile phone you will need to press the play button on the player or use the fast forward or rewind buttons when the new page opens.

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BWBF Onlie Player
Cue and Review Phone App
Mobile Phone App
Listen To Talking Newspapers From Across The Country On Your Mobile Phone

National charity British Wireless for the Blind Fund (BWBF) and The Talking News Federation (TNF) have joined forces to bring together local Talking Newspapers from across the UK.

They have developed a mobile application that can be accessed independently from any specialist BWBF equipment.


The Talking Newspaper app can be downloaded by users to their own smart devices for free from both Apple and Android stores; and is available to people with a variety of difficulties reading text, such as dyslexia - not just the blind and partially sighted.

Talking Newspaper Alexa skill log o
Smart Speaker Skills
Alexa Skill 


“Alexa Enable Talking Newspaper” Our Alexa Skill brings talking newspapers that are members of the Talking Newspaper Federation together on a skill developed by Cue and Review Recording Service and the British Wireless for the Blind Fund.

To get started using the skill say “Alexa Enable, Talking Newspapers”, make sure you use the plural. Then say “Alexa, open talking newspaper” to your Alexa device.  A short message will play, meaning you have successfully started the skill.


To get started, say play and the name of the title you would like to listen to.  For example, “play Kirky Herald”.  Make sure you say the exact title as below.


The functions which currently should work are Next, Previous, Loop, Pause, Resume and Stop.

For more on how to access and use the skill check out our dedicated page here 

Main Stream Players 

Follow the Anchor link or use the following links for


Apple Castbox Google Overcast and Spotify
Listen on YouTube

Not interested in listening to the daily recordings provided by Cue and Review Print Speaking to the Blind?  If you only have time to listen to 90 minutes of news each week, why not sign up to our YouTube service available as a weekly digest of the Bishopbriggs Kirkintilloch Herald.

It’s easy the latest edition will appear here below or even simpler go to our playlist and follow there 

You Tube
Image of Cue and Review USB Stick service
Weekly USB Stick digests

Although this is the slowest way to access your news we are aware that for many people getting the paper on a USB stick posted in a yellow padded postal wallet is the way that they have always liked it.  Since March 2022 we have brought back this service now that it is safer to do so. 


Listeners will currently be sent two editions before we will stop if they don't return their wallet and stick.  Ideally, listeners would post everything back weekly.

If you have someone who can add the audio onto a stick for you you can now also visit our public Dropbox folder where they can add the audio direct for you

USB Stick
Listener Membership Form

The above button to sign up to our mailing list is optional, however, it does mean that we have an idea of who is listening and which format they are listening on.  In turn, this helps us access funding which ensures the service remains free to our listeners.  Rather than leaving the website to fill out the form, it is also repeated here


Read from Your Home

At present, you can only read the Bishopbriggs / Kirkintilloch Herald for us if you live in the local area and can buy a copy from a local shop.  If you can't do this you are welcome to read for another title.  If you have access to a laptop and a simple microphone drop us an email.

Social Care / Sensory Impairment Teams

How can your teams raise the profile of those living with sight loss in East Dunbartonshire when it comes to local bodies (public, private, or third sector) communicating with them?  Can you encourage local public sector bodies to include our player link on their website? Can you care teams tell clients about our service and pass their information on to us? With daily readings and distribution, we are ideally placed to get information out to visually impaired locals quickly.

In East Dunbartonshire the register says there are 450 people registered as visually impaired, the RNIB says there are 4350 living with sight loss.  Currently, just 10% of people on the register listen to our local service each week.


We could work with social care workers to put smart speakers, download the mobile app, or even the slowest option, USB sticks into client homes.  That way if there was a leaflet, newsletter, or general information that needed to be distributed we could respond quickly and easily. 

BWBF Connect


BWBF Connect enables the recipient to receive equipment via a doorstep delivery. They then receive a phone call from a member of BWBF’s team who talks them through the setup and answers any questions they may have, ensuring that they get full use of the equipment. If you or someone you know is interested in receiving a device, please contact BWBF Connect on 01622 754 757 or 

Cue and Review's office 

0141-772-3976 we can't always be there to answer our phones which is why we now have a 24/7 recorded information line and answering service.

Volunteer Readers
Social Care Teams
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For listeners to the service, so as we can keep in touch with you. Be that to find out how we can improve the service, encourage our readers through your feedback or find ways to involve you.

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