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Organisation Overview & Volunteer Handbook 2018

All our Procedures and Policies in one place

Organisation Overview

a)    Our charity was founded in 1982 as a school project providing work experience/training programmes since 1985.
b)    Working with the British Wireless for the Blind fund since 2009.  
c)    the only talking newspapers service in Scotland offering a daily service.  Volunteers read from our 4 studios, the Herald Scotland, Evening Times and National daily with Inside Soap weekly. For internet users, these are audio published article by article giving the listener freedom of choice. Others access via USB /cassette weekly
d)    1600 visually impaired people (throughout Scotland) access our service. 
e)    Volunteers have worked with the Recruitment Training Officer developing training resources that assist the Recruitment Training Officer, mentor new readers and help to increase awareness of our service
f)    Volunteers often have barriers to employment (physical /mental and learning disabilities) or are older people seeking respite from caring responsibilities, and to remain socially connected due to mental and physical impairments.

Our downloadable volunteer handbook gives a lot more information on how we operate, so please feel free to give it a read.

Clickable button for our 
 Volunteer Handbook

Volunteer Handbook 


Alternatively, you can read the information online below.  If you are using the accessibility reader this will not show  up.

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