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Daily Listening Options


There are various ways to listen to our service, the first on this page is our online players, Sonata Internet Radio, the British Wireless for the Blind Fund Talking Newspaper Federation telephone app, the Alexa skill or the USB stick service. Read on for more information.

Low income Broadband Deals

If you are concerned that you can't access our service as you are on a low income.  There are reduced rates available.  You might want to take a look at this January 2022 article on U Switch find out more here

Online Players


The following links will take you directly to the latest stream of each title. You will find there is a picture link and a button link to make it easier for reader software.  If you then listen on a computer or on your mobile phone you will may need to press the play button on the player or use the fast forward or rewind buttons when the new page opens.

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Click picture of Glasgow Times Cue and Review Badge to listen to articles uploaded every weekday
Click the Herald Cue and Review logo to listen to Herald Scotland articles uploaded every weekday
Click the National Cue and Review badge to listen to articles read uploaded every weekday
Click the Inside Soap badge to listen to weekly recordings of the magazine
Click the East Dunbartonshire Radio image to listen to local programming produced by local groups
Sonata Internet Radio

If you would rather acquire a Sonata Internet Radio box from the British Wireless for the Blind Fund  please watch the video and contact them directly. Obviously asking for the Cue and Review titles to be added to the setup.

Cue and Review Phone App
Listen To Talking Newspapers From Across The Country On Your Mobile Phone

National charity British Wireless for the Blind Fund (BWBF) and The Talking News Federation (TNF) have joined forces to bring together local Talking Newspapers from across the UK.

They have developed a mobile application that can be accessed independently from any specialist BWBF equipment.


The Talking Newspaper app can be downloaded by users to their own smart devices for free from both Apple and Android stores; and is available to people with a variety of difficulties reading text, such as dyslexia - not just the blind and partially sighted.

Talking Newspaper Alexa skill log o
Alexa Skill (now live)​


“Alexa Enable Talking Newspaper” Our Alexa Skill brings talking newspapers that are members of the Talking Newspaper Federation together on a skill developed by Cue and Review Recording Service and the British Wireless for the Blind Fund.

To get started using the skill say “Alexa Enable, Talking Newspapers”, make sure you use the plural. Then say “Alexa, open talking newspaper” to your Alexa device.  A short message will play, meaning you have successfully started the skill.


To get started, say play and the name of the title you would like to listen to.  For example, “play Cue and Review The National”, Cue and Review The Herald, Cue and Review Evening Times, or Kirkintilloch Herald”.  Make sure you say the exact title as below.


The functions which currently should work are Next, Previous, Loop, Pause, Resume and Stop.

For more on how to access and use the skill check out our dedicated page here 

Image of Cue and Review USB Stick service
Weekly USB Stick digests

Listening to members of the East Dunbartonshire Visual Impairment Forum we decided to go offline by launching our weekly USB stick digest version.  Posted out to members in a postal wallet for them to listen and then return to us, its a great option for those not wanting to listen online daily. 

Update 19/01/2022 - We are currently sending people who have email access a downloadable link for weekly compilations of our titles, which can then be added to people who have USB sticks and players.  Email the team for your first edition

Weekly Castbox Editions 

Not interested in listening to the daily recordings provided by Cue and Review Print Speaking to the Blind?  If you only have time to listen to 90 minutes of news each week, why not sign up to our Castbox Service available as a weekly digest of the Herald Scotland the Glasgow Evening Times and the National Scotland.  

It’s easy to set up simply follow the links below and login using your Facebook or Twitter account.  The links that we have provided will take you straight to pages for our three online newspapers.   

Click picture of Glasgow Times Cue and Review Badge to listen to weekly the weekly edition
Click the Herald Cue and Review logo to listen to Herald Scotland weekly edition
Click the National Cue and Review badge to listen to the weekly edition


What We Offer

Monday to Friday our volunteers are reading and then uploading individual articles to the Sonata Internet Radio service provided by the British Wireless for the Blind Fund. Via the boxes featured in the video, you can listen daily to approximately 20 articles from the Herald, 16 Glasgow Times and 20 articles per week from The National all with the permission of Newsquest Glasgow. We also upload weekly recordings of Inside Soap and TV Radio Listings.


On the box you don’t need to listen to the whole paper you can choose which articles you wish to listen to. On the stream, you can listen as the articles are read automatically or click on the individual tracks.


While we are phasing out our tape service we are still providing a weekly tape of the Herald and Glasgow Times but as tape players become harder to find we are encouraging sighted family members to use our alternative faster services.  You also receive less information on an audio cassette and have to post the cassettes back in a postal wallet after each edition.


Support Workers or Sighted People with Visually Impaired Relatives.

Many Councils have banned streaming websites, so if you can't listen to your favourite radio station on your work computer chances are you won't be able to listen to our daily service.  You can still, however, set it up on a clients computer in their home or encourage them to contact BWBF for a player.  


BWBF Connect


BWBF Connect enables the recipient to receive equipment via a doorstep delivery. They then receive a phone call from a member of BWBF’s team who talks them through the setup and answers any questions they may have, ensuring that they get full use of the equipment. If you or someone you know is interested in receiving a device, please contact BWBF Connect on 01622 754 757 or 

Cue and Review's office 

We have recently installed a virtual phone system that now means we can answer calls from our homes. So please call us on 0141-772-3976 but just in case we are recording drop us an email here or contact us on our Facebook page.