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Lockdown Wellbeing Festival

Wellbeing Festival Logo

Our Wellbeing Festival was 6 weeks of activities to support our home reader team and our audio ambassadors during the Covid-19 lockdown.  The Scottish Governments Wellbeing Fund provided grants to fund this project.

Ssh Design

Thanks to Stuart Horne Designs for coming up with the logo.

Creatovators with June Grindley

Autism, Lego®-based Therapy and Blindness

With an increased incidence of autism in blind people and with a number of our team being on the spectrum, we invited Creatovators to take part in our Wellbeing Festival supported through the Scottish Governments, Wellbeing Fund.

Happimind Workshops with Colette Reilly

The Happimind Sessions

Watch the series of videos where our volunteers were trained by Colette

Happimind Handbook Cover
The Happimind Handbook

The Happimind Handbook’s purpose is a resource pack to support the wellbeing of the staff & volunteers of Cue & Review. This handbook can be distributed & printed by those associated with Cue & Review and has been kindly funded by the Scottish Wellbeing Fund.
Skills & Experience

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