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Sensory Impairment Teams

How can your teams raise the profile of those living with sight loss in East Dunbartonshire when it comes to local bodies (public, private or third sector) communicating with them?  Can you encourage your organisation to include our player link on your website?

Can you influence the sensory impairment team to work with us?  Talking Newspaper should be seen as a tool to be used to make your teams' life easier when seeking to get information to those on the register of visually impaired people.


For example, in East Dunbartonshire the register says there are 450 people registered as visually impaired, the RNIB say there are 4350 living with sight loss.  Currently, 10% of people on the register listen to our service each week.


We could work with Sensory Impairment workers to put smart speakers, download the mobile app or even the dreaded USB sticks into client homes.  That way if there was a leaflet, newsletter or general information that needed to be distributed we could do this easily. 

Cue and Review's office 

We have recently installed a virtual phone system that now means we can answer calls from our homes. So please call us on 0141-772-3976 but just in case we are recording drop us an email here or contact us on our Facebook page. 

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For listeners to the service, so as we can keep in touch with you. Be that to find out how we can improve the service, encourage our readers through your feedback or find ways to involve you.

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