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Bookkeeper/ Finance Officer

Bishopbriggs Media Centre, Crowhill Road, Bishopbriggs, Glasgow, UK
Job Type

About the Role

The Bookkeeper/Finance Officer’s main responsibilities are to manage the statutory and management finance functions of the organisation and to assist the Managing Editor in the preparation of budgets, cash flow forecasts and management reports to the board of trustees. This role will also be responsible for preparing our annual accounts/financial reporting and liaising with our external auditors.


Key Tasks

  • Use appropriate financial software to: Maintain and monitor management accounts, budgets, cashbooks and cash flow forecasts

  • Liaise with the outsourced payroll service to ensure that salaries, PAYE, national insurance and pension payments are made by relevant deadlines and recorded as required. Reconcile Pension Reports.

  • Produce quarterly management accounts, annual accounts and any other reports required by the Project Manager and/or board of trustees. ​

  • Liaise with: HMRC to ensure compliance with all relevant legislation. Cue and Review external auditors to ensure robust financial management and the production of audited/ externally examined accounts. The Pensions Regulator and Pensions Trust to safeguard ongoing Cue and Review obligations Cue and Review Administrator re all cash book/ nominal ledger transactions. ​ In conjunction with the Project Manager: Compliance advice on all internal financial control procedures and the detection and avoidance of fraud. Liaise with other staff and budget holders as required. Prepare draft budgets and cash-flow forecasts. Prepare monthly/quarterly/annual reports on all financial matters to the trustees as required. Attend Board and Staff meetings as requested/required Complete monthly bank, petty cash reconciliations Assist with preparation of project funding applications

About the Company

Benefits of Volunteering with Cue and Review Print Speaking to the Blind
You are valued and treated as part of a team.
You receive support from staff to help carry out your voluntary role.
You will have access to training to help you do your role well.
Out of pocket expenses will be reimbursed.
We will celebrate your successes and achievements.
We will give you the opportunity to practice and develop your skills.
We will listen to, value and take into consideration your opinions and suggestions.
We develop flexible and diverse volunteer roles that complement (but do not substitute for) the roles of paid staff. Where possible volunteer roles are adapted to meet individual needs.

Our Expectations of Volunteers
We have policies that set out the procedures that everyone needs to follow. We will provide copies of these policies to you and help you in understanding how they apply to your role. In particular, we expect all volunteers to:

Have a non-judgmental attitude.
Respect confidentiality.
Be a good timekeeper.
Be a Team player

Job Search and Volunteering
If your ultimate goal is paid employment, we are happy to facilitate your job search by rearranging your time commitment with us. Anyone in receipt of JSA, RDS, Universal Credit or any other benefits is fully entitled to volunteer. It is a good practice to let the Job Centre Advisor know about your volunteering activity. Also on request we can write to your Job Centre Adviser to assure them that your role with us is voluntary and you receive no payments.

In your work as a volunteer for Cue and Review Print Speaking to the Blind you may have access to confidential information from service users and staff that you should not share with people outside of the organisation. In this you will be maintaining confidentiality.

It is not appropriate for you to discuss or disclose personal information about service users, staff members or volunteers outside of the organisation, e.g. addresses, phone numbers, etc.

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