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Iona Lister

Readers Director and Non Executive Director


  1.          (a)I volunteered for the RNIB for 15 years. I was a telephone group facilitator, (‘Living with Sight Loss’ and 'Befriending') I went on to help to train volunteers in this role. This volunteering and listening role provided me with insights into the problems, solutions and concerns of people with visual impairment. I left that role in 2020, when my line management team members were made redundant.

  2.          (b)I still volunteer for the Macular Society, as a ‘Skills for Seeing’ trainer. This involves helping people to use peripheral vision to augment central vision loss, via eccentric viewing and steady eye strategy.

  3.          (c) I have written articles and narrated them for the Talking News Federation.

  4.          (d)I have been a reader for Cue and Review… since the beginning of December last year. Additionally, I have covered for volunteer absences, and also recorded with Corrie the kids’ magazine as a part of the English Heritage magazine.

  5.          (e)I have worked as a clinician and head of adult service (cancer/neurologicial conditions) for the NHS for years. This has given me a lot of relevant experience in working in a team, organising services, report-writing, management, and most importantly, providing a personalised service to individuals who need support, information and help.

  6.         (f) I volunteered for a local care home and day centre here for five years. I was a trustee, and I also ran groups for the service users in embroidery, art and relaxation. This year, this centre  has closed, being transferred to being a local community centre and NHS-run medical centre.


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